100% Natural

Using first quality " fresh ingredients, we are proud to produce consistently flavoured stocks with clean labels. That means no nasties!

Cost effective

Incorporating a chef-prepared stock into your kitchens saves you time and money. We've done the maths, take a look at our cost comparison case study.

Food Safety

We are proud to operate under one of the highest food safety standards in the industry: FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System.

Jan Hannan

Former Director, Boscastle Pastries & Foods
“If you are after a veal stock then nothing will match the quality and reliability of Prestige Foods. Being a manufacturer of premium gourmet pies, we must use the best ingredients in our productions, our reputation depends on it and we and our customers demand it. Many others have tried for our business in the past, but none of them can match the richness, consistency and the convenience of Prestige Foods Veal Stock.”

Chef Otto Weibel

Former Director, Kitchens Westin Singapore
“I have been using Prestige Foods stocks and sauces for over twenty years. No other stocks and sauces producer comes close to the quality and consistency of Prestige Foods. Using their stocks allows my team to focus their time and energy on what they do best. Prestige has been a welcome addition to all of my kitchens.”

Walter Trupp

Director, Trupp Cooking School
“"I cannot praise StocksMatter by Prestige Foods enough. Having worked and managed some of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Europe, I know how much precision and accurate work, not to mention money, goes into making a stock of this high quality. I have visited the Prestige Foods' operations a few times now with my students and I will honestly put my hands down and say that I could not make a stock better than they do."”

Dr. Rick Stephen CMC

Director of Kitchen, SATS Catering
“I have been using Prestige Stocks now for just over 16 years from Brisbane to Singapore. The products are carefully made and the consistency is just what a chef requires. The Prestige team are dynamic and are always willing to support wherever possible. I have no hesitation in using this company not just for the quality but also for Mike’s integrity as a person who maintains and respects chefs and our own little egos.”

Chef Scott Webster

Director, Australian Culinary Consultants, Osia
“As a chef, great stocks and sauces are a platform for all my great dishes. Prestige Stocks & Sauces have taken the inconsistency and guess work out of my kitchen for many years now when creating new dishes. I am continually impressed by the consistency, clarity, clean flavour and quality of their products. Prestige Stocks and Sauces offer all chefs the opportunity to utilise a product that can be relied upon as a top shelf ingredient for the development of great food. This allows us, as chefs, to concentrate on creating memorable meals. I would recommend using the products in any kitchen, without hesitation.”